MTS Arkitekter AS

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Who we are.

MTS Arkiteker AS is an architect and engineering company established in 2006. Over the years, by adapting our concept, we have come to something we can be proud of. We have a broad knowledge of architectural design, detailed regulation and design of structures. We mainly work with projects in size from detached houses to 4-person homes, apartment buildings with a lot of units and spatial planning for larger areas with single-family homes.

What we do.

MTS Arkitekter AS have expertises in technical vocational school engineer; master of Science in Wooden Constructions and Architecture; architecture and civil engineer. By using our partners, we can often take on work from architecture to key finished homes. Our strength is to design homes that meet the customer’s requirements brass appearance that are also feasible financially.

What we offer.

We have been granted the Central Approval pursuant to the Planning and Building Act of 27 June 2008 § 22-1 and regulations on building matters of 26 March 2010 no. 488 (SAK10).

Our stats.

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